If you are using Bluehost for few years and want to continue further, then I am sure you will look for Bluehost renewal discount 2021. But how much discount you will get on Bluehost renewal will depend up on for how many years you want to renew your hosting services.

Generally, people buy hosting for 1 year only using the Bluehost promo code price of $2.95/mo which is the best Bluehost discount. But the problem with this 1 year plan is that you have to renew with the actual price after completing your 1 st year.

Let’s try to understand this properly. Before proceeding further, keep a track of our Bluehost Coupon page for regular offers & promotional updates and also go through the detailed Bluehost review for 2021.

Bluehost Renewal Pricing Explained 2021

So, when you buy Bluehost for the first time, you can buy with the special price of $2.95/mo for next 36 month. As soon as your first 3 years are done, you have to renew Bluehost plan on actual price which is around $9/mo. For complete Bluehost pricing details, Click here.

bluehost pricing
Bluehost Renewal Discount Pricing

This price depends on for how many years you have purchased hosting. That’s why I always recommend to buy hosting for 3 years as you can leverage the discount for maximum years and save more.

Similarly, Bluehost renewal discount applies on various other plan as per the term you are going to renew. If you renew for many years you will get a good renewal discounted price. You can check out different Bluehost hosting plans first to get a clear idea.

Bluehost Shared Hosting Renewal Discount

Bluehost offers affordable hosting plans under shared hosting package. These plans are very good for beginners to start with. If you are buying Bluehost shared hosting plans, then make sure to grab the cheapest Bluehost pricing $2.95/mo for 36 months. This way you can save maximum on renewal price. Otherwise, you have to pay a higher Bluehost renewal.

TermBasicPlusChoice PlusPro
Monthly Price$10.99$16.99$20.99$32.99
6 Month$10.99$16.99$20.99$32.99
1 Year$9.99$13.99$18.99$28.99
2 Year$9.49$12.99$17.99$27.99
3 Year$8.99$11.99$16.99$26.99
5 Year$8.99$11.99$16.99NA

Bluehost VPS Renewal Discount

Bluehost VPS plans are good for those websites which are getting more traffic and have a very heavy design. VPS hosting plans are comparatively costly, but Bluehost offers cheap VPS plans only. I found Bluehost VPS Renewal Price is quite okay as they don’t give much discount like the shared hosting plans. But anyway, you can check the latest Bluehost renewal discount on VPS plans as well.

Monthly Price$29.99$59.99$89.99$119.99

Dedicated Server Hosting Renewal Pricing

Dedicated servers are costliest hosting plans. And it is only recommended for high traffic websites.

Monthly Price$149.99$199.99$249.99
3 Month Term$144.99$189.99$239.99
6 Month Term$134.99$179.99$224.99
12 Month Term$124.99$169.99$209.99

FAQs: People also ask About Bluehost Renewal

Why is my renewal price more than what I’ve been paying?

This is because the price at which you have purchased was a special price. But during renewal, you have to pay the actual price which is comparatively high. In case you are looking to change hosting, check these Bluehost alternative hosting companies in 2021.

Can I switch to a different plan?

Yes, you need to upgrade your hosting plan and pay the due amount to upgrade your Bluehost account.

What happens when hosting expires Bluehost?

When Bluehost hosting plan is nearing to it’s expiry date, you will start getting emails for renewal. In case you have enabled auto-renewal, it will automatically renew Bluehost hosting plan for next term. Otherwise, you have to make sure to renew your hosting within due date to avoid the loss of all websites files and data.

How do I stop auto renewal on Bluehost?

For that you have to login to your Bluehost account and under payment settings you need to disable the tick of auto-renewal option. It’s always recommended to do that.

Does Bluehost automatically renew?

All Bluehost payment options will be by default auto-renew. So you have to disable that option manually. Otherwise, your credit card will be debited automatically.

Is Bluehost Renewal Discount Worth The Price?

Well, if you like the services of Bluehost hosting then it’s worth to renew Bluehost shared hosting plans. Compared any other hosting plans, Bluehost renewal charges are quite low. But again, I always recommend people to buy Bluehost for at least 36 month so that they can save maximum.

In case you have tried Bluehost for 1 year only and then you want to renew their services again, you have to pay a higher charges only. This is true for every hosting company plans. But if you want to get some Bluehost Renewal Discount, then you you have to renew Bluehost hosting plans for more years.

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