Is Bluehost CodeGuard Worth it? Do I Need To Buy It With Bluehost Hosting Account?

What is Bluehost CodeGuard? Do I Need CodeGuard Basic on Bluehost 2021? Is This Backup Service Necessary? Let’s find out the correct answer for these questions in this article.

When you reach to Bluehost payment page, you might have noticed this option ticked by default with an extra charge. At that time, if obvious that you will think what is Bluehost CodeGuard and whether it’s worth the investment or not?

bluehost codeguard

Bluehost as a hosting company offers a lot of premium features as free of cost. But on the Bluehost checkout page, you will find various other features which will ticked automatically. Obviously they are features that will solve your various purpose and make sure your website hosting experience better. But they do cost your pocket as well and in most cases even costlier than Bluehost hosting prices. That’s why the question here is whether you need to buy Bluehost codeguard with hosting?

Is Bluehost Codeguard Basic Worth It
Is Bluehost Codeguard Basic Worth It

What is CodeGuard on Bluehost hosting?

In simple terms, if you subscribe for Bluehost codeguard feature bluehost will keep a track of your websites changes and whenever there is a change it will take the backup. You can also restore as per your need. CodeGuard feature is very much essential for website to increase website security, protect website from malware attacks etc. But is Bluehost CodeGuard worth the price? Is there any Bluehost CodeGuard alternative at free of cost?

Bluehost doesn’t offer backup & restore features with the basic hosting plan. But if you get their Choice Plus plan, then you will get this CodeGuard feature free of cost.

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Key benefits of Bluehost CodeGuard Service

Now let’s find out why you should use CodeGuard and how it may help your website. Yes, there are certain benefits of having this feature and here are the benefits.

Bluehost CodeGuard Benefits
Bluehost CodeGuard Benefits
  • It will take your website backup daily automatically to save your hard work secure on their database.
  • It will store your website backup copies in multiple locations so that it can make sure your website files are highly secure and you can restore them from anywhere if it requires in the future.
  • Bluehost CodeGuard continuously monitors your website for any kind of changes and report accordingly. This will help to take immediate action in case anything happens unexpectedly.
  • With Bluehost CodeGuard 1-Click restore option, you can get back your website easily whenever any cyber attack or malware attack.

Otherwise, you have to pay a nominal charge of $2.99/mo, almost similar to your Bluehost Basic hosting charges. Now the question is do you really need this Bluehost CodeGuard service?

How Much Does a Bluehost CodeGuard Subscription Cost?

Well, this will depend upon which Bluehost plan you are opting. Here are the details.

CodeGuard PackageMonthly Price (per domain)Annual Price (per domain)

Do I Need Bluehost CodeGuard Service?

Well, as a beginner you will find it difficult to pay additional expenses beyond Bluehost hosting charges. But, website backup service is one of the most essential features that you must not ignore.

To solve this problem, you can install the free backup plugin UpdraftPlus and take regular backups of your website. It’s quite easy to take backups and restore a website. I have created a video on this topic.

Other than that, if you have little extra budget, I would say no need to pay $2.99/mo extra for Bluehost CodeGuard. Rather buy Bluehost Choice PLUS plan and get CodeGuard service FREE with this plan.

What are all the features that you get with Choice plan?

  • Install unlimited websites
  • Get unmetered website space and bandwidth
  • Free SSL
  • 1 Free Domain (for 1 year)
  • Unlimited Parked Domains and Subdomains
  • Unlimited Email Accounts and Email Storage
  • $200 Worth Marketing Offers
  • 1 Spam Experts
  • 1 Domain Privacy
  • Site backup included

Here’s the discounted price of Bluehost Choice Plus plan if you buy from this special link.

  • 36 Months at just $5.45
  • 24 Months at just $6.95
  • 12 Months at just $7.45
bluehost codeguard free

Yes, Bluehost offers this service completely free of cost with the Choice Plus plan. This plan is the best Bluehost plan with all premium features. Pricewise also, it’s just $5.45/mo in case you buy for the next 3 years.

Disadvantages of CodeGuard & Alternatives

Even though there are many benefits of having Bluehost CodeGuard feature, but there are certain drawbacks of CodeGuard feature. And they are as follows.

  • It has a very high renewal price which is even higher than hosting
  • As it will take backup of your website regularly this will consume most of your disk space. That’s why I always recommend to take manual backups to your Laptop / Computer hard disk.
  • Even if you are spending such huge money, they will not give you 100% guarantee of website protection.

So, I always recommend to spend money after a good hosting service. And avoid the fancy features that we can always achieve some other way. Just watch the video I have shared on top to back up your website and install a free plugin called WordFence to secure your website. That’s it.

FAQ’s Related To Bluehost Hosting Plans

What is CodeGuard Bluehost?

CodeGuard is an addon service that can be used for: Monitoring – CodeGuard monitors your site daily for changes and sends a change alert email to notify you if there are any. CodeGuard also updates you on the progress of your backups.

Is Bluehost CodeGuard basic worth it?

My recommendation: Do not purchase. Codeguard Basic: This service offers to provide site backups and restore your site automatically. It offers a one-click restore and the ability to download a compressed file of your website resources.

How much does CodeGuard cost?

Bluehost CodeGuard Basic plan will provide very Backup & Restore service offered by CodeGuard on Bluehost with this paid add-on plan priced at $2.99 per domain monthly or approximately $32.95 per domain yearly.

Conclusion: Is Bluehost CodeGuard Worth It?

As I mentioned clearly that, you can either install a Free backup plugin or get the Choice Plus plan to solve your backup related problem. I think Choice Plus plan is best as you will get Bluehost CodeGuard service as FREE.

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