Is Bluehost CodeGuard worth it?

Wondering whether you need Bluehost Code guard while buying the Bluehost hosting plan? When you reach to Bluehost payment page, you might have noticed this option ticked by default with an extra charge. At that time, if obvious that you will think what is Bluehost CodeGuard and whether it’s worth the investment?

In this article I will help you to understand what is Bluehost codeguard and whether you should buy it or not.

What is CodeGuard on Bluehost hosting?

Bluehost codeguard is nothing but a database backup service. With that Bluehost also offers a continuous monitoring of your database and whenver there is any change, it will notify the owner.

This will also help you to keep a check on your website from a security point of view. Bluehost doesn’t offer backup & restore features with the basic hosting plan. But if you get their Choice Plus plan, then you will get this CodeGuard feature free of cost.

Key benefits of Bluehost CodeGuard Service

  • It will take your website backup daily automatically to save your hard work secure on their database.
  • It will store your website backup copies in multiple locations so that it can make sure your website files are highly secure and you can restore them from anywhere if it requires in the future.
  • Bluehost CodeGuard continuously monitors your website for any kind of changes and report accordingly. This will help to take immediate action in case anything happens unexpectedly.
  • With Bluehost CodeGuard 1-Click restore option, you can get back your website easily whenever any cyber attack or malware attack.

Otherwise, you have to pay a nominal charge of $2.99/mo, almost similar to your Bluehost Basic hosting charges. Now the question is do you really need this Bluehost CodeGuard service?

Do I Need Bluehost CodeGuard Service?

Well, as a beginner you will find it difficult to pay additional expenses beyond Bluehost hosting charges. But, website backup service is one of the most essential features that you must not ignore.

To solve this problem, you can install the free backup plugin UpdraftPlus and take regular backups of your website. It’s quite easy to take backups and restore a website. I have created a video on this topic.

Other than that, if you have little extra budget, I would say no need to pay $2.99/mo extra for Bluehost CodeGuard. Rather buy Bluehost Choice PLUS plan and get CodeGuard service FREE with this plan.

Yes, Bluehost offers this service completely free of cost with the Choice Plus plan. This plan is the best Bluehost plan with all premium features. Costwise also, it’s just $5.45/mo in case you buy for the next 3 years.

Conclusion: Is Bluehost CodeGuard Worth It?

As I mentioned clearly that, you can either install a Free backup plugin or get the Choice Plus plan to solve your backup related problem. I think Choice Plus plan is best as you will get Bluehost CodeGuard service as FREE.

Do you find this article about Is Bluehost CodeGuard Basic Worth It? Do You Need To Buy It? Is It Even Necessary? Feel free to share your views and feedback by writing a comment below.


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