Is SiteGround Good For WordPress?

Do you have doubt about this? I am a big fan of SiteGround hosting and they are the #1 WordPress hosting for your website. Just check out the result of these 20+ Facebook Polls to get some genuine proofs on that statement.

In the last few years, I have tried almost every single popular web hosting companies like Bluehost, HostGator etc before moving this website to SiteGround. I am not criticizing others, but SiteGround has some extra features which make them the best WordPress hosting for bloggers.

So, this question: Is SiteGround Good For WordPress Hosting? The clear answer is Yes. And this article will help you to understand why I am claiming SiteGround as the # 1 recommended hosting company for your WordPress blog.

Why SiteGround WordPress Hosting Is Far Better To Their Competitors?

Let’s not share the typical web hosting features which are most common for every single web hosting companies. rather I will focus on the points where I can tell you why exactly SiteGround performs better compared to their competitors. And that is the reason for you to dump other web hosting and migrate your website to SiteGround.

1. Entry To The #3 Spot in WordPress RECOMMENDED Hosting

I am sure they did something good to make an entry to the list of top 3 WordPress recommended hosting providers. Although the top 2 spots are occupied by #1 Bluehost and # DreamHost. But I am sure you will agree with me that Bluehost has lost their place significantly if you compare SiteGround Vs Bluehost feature by feature. There are enough social proofs to prove that SiteGround is the best.

2. SPEED is their top priority

Every web hosting company spend hugely on their promotions. But how many of them are promoting their key features as SPEED & Performance? You will find everyone is talking about unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited website, cheapest price, free domain name etc. But SiteGround is promising to provide a faster website experience. And that is one of the biggest reason I like SiteGround as the best WordPress hosting.

3. Skilled Tech SUPPORT

It is not a big deal to offer a 24X7 tech support who can always respond to your query, even in mid-night. But how many of them are able to resolve your web hosting queries with 100% confident? I found SiteGroun tech-support team one of the best in this industry. They are very much knowledgable, educated and fast responses to fix whatever is your web hosting issues.

4. SECURITY that matters

Yes, every hosting company offers high-security web hosting plans. Then how exactly SiteGround is different? The major difference is that their hosting servers are running on the latest technology. E.g. they are always ahead when we talk about PHP version upgrades compared to their competitors. They are continuously monitoring and fixing the issues with patches.

5. Transparency in PRICING

Generally hosting companies offer a maximum discount to their plans when you buy for 3 years or 36-month plan. Even if they promise you the cheapest plan when you actually try to buy for a shorter period you will find the pricing has changed. But in the case of SiteGround, they are pretty much transparent. Yes, you buy their plans for 1 year or 2 years or 3 years, you will get the flat 70% OFF SiteGround discount.

Conclusion: SiteGround Is The Perfect Hosting For Your WordPress Blog

To make things simple, it is good to start with a reliable, trustworthy and a good hosting company who has good feedback from bloggers & marketers. You can check the SiteGround Facebook Poll results in and visit the respective Facebook groups also to follow what people are recommending.

These many people can’t be wrong at the same time. And on top of that, my website is performing awesome on SiteGround, just have a look at my page-speed screenshots of GTMetrix which will help you to understand why I invested so much behind SiteGround.

So, the answer the quest again: Is SiteGround Best For WordPress Hosting? Yes, SiteGround is undoubtedly the default web hosting for any WordPress blog. This will fix your slow website issue, give you high security, fast-loading website, solid technical support all the time and many more awesome features.