Does SiteGround Offer Free Trial Hosting Plan?

Are you looking for a SiteGround Free Trial offer? Well, in that case, I have to tell you that SiteGround doesn’t offer any such free trial hosting plans. But SiteGround has launched their 1-Month Billing plan. But is it really worth to buy SiteGround 1-Month Billing plan? let’s review.

SiteGround is a very popular hosting provider and they do offer a lot of amazing features with their web hosting plans. For beginners, they have web hosting & WordPress hosting plans under their SiteGround Shared hosting plans. But none of these 2 plans come with any free trial.

In the above image, you can clearly find that SiteGround started offering monthly billing hosting plans at a price of $19.99/mo which is very much expensive. If you want to try SiteGround, then better to buy their GoGeek hosting plan at 70% OFF Discounted price. Keep a track of upcoming SiteGround Black Friday 2021 Promotion when you can even get 75% discount.

SiteGround Free Trial Plan For 1 Month (Discontinued)

If you buy SiteGround WordPress hosting plan, you will find a screen like below where you will find that there is a 1 month FREE Trial. But that is not a FREE trial hosting plan actually. It’s you can say a paid trial hosting plan from SiteGround.

SiteGround has increased their price recently and now SiteGround is more expensive. Here is the latest Siteground pricing structure.

new siteground pricing

Now if you want to try SiteGround for 1 month then you can go for this 1-month trial by paying a monthly payment of $3.95/mo and then an additional security deposit of around $24.95. This is a one-time risk-free setup fee for this one-month hosting trial account only (doesn’t apply for their annual hosting accounts). 

The problem with this SiteGround 1 Month Trial plan is that, as soon as you are done with this period and you want to continue with SiteGround, you have to pay the actual Renewal FEE, instead of the SiteGround 70% OFF initial discount. That means, its a huge mistake to try this SiteGround trial for 1 month.

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Why There Is No SiteGround Free Trial Offer?

You might be thinking why SiteGround is not offering any free trial hosting plan? Well, they are already providing a huge 70% discount on their hosting plan for all first time buyer. On top of that providing a free trial will be too much.

Does SiteGround Offer Free Trial Hosting Plan

And if you compare SiteGround with any other popular hosting companies, you will understand that hardly any company offer free trial plan. As mostly people don’t take free trial plans seriously.

So, SiteGround is only for those serious bloggers or marketers who have a solid plan to create a website and they want to secure their website, load faster and enjoy some awesome features with a top class support.

SiteGround New 1-month billing cycle

Due to a popular demand, SiteGround started a 1-month billing cycle for all hosting plans. This will enable clients to start with a lower down payment and spread the hosting cost for their projects more evenly over the period of the service.

Well, I don’t recommend to buy a monthly billing plan from any hosting providers as they are very much costly. But if you want to try SiteGround for 1 month only, then now there is way for you. make sure to grab this SiteGround 1-Month plan and have a wonderful day ahead.

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