Shared hosting vs dedicated hosting vs cloud hosting

A good hosting for your website plays a major role in the development and growth of your website.

There are 3 types of hostings like shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting etc.

Finding the best hosting for your website in between these 3 types of hosting is a very hard choice.

Well, not anymore. As Today, we will be comparing Shared hosting vs dedicated hosting vs cloud hosting. Let’s start this comparison.

Shared hosting vs Cloud hosting

When a lot of users are connected to the same hosting, it is called as Shared hosting. Shared hostings are not made for those websites which gain a high number of visitors per day. Shared hostings generally get crashed once a high number of visitors visit the website. It does mean that you can go for a Shared hosting only if your website is made for a small amount of visitors.

While Cloud Hosting is your own hosting as you don’t share the server with anyone and you don’t need to worry about anything and you have got the freedom to do whatever with your hosting. Cloud hosting has better speed, more secure, vulnerable and good customer care service. 

High number of visitors won’t be a problem in Cloud hosting. It even secures you from DDoS attacks and malware attacks. Cloud hosting is definitely better than shared hosting. The only con of Cloud hosting is that it is highly expensive as compared to Shared hosting.

Dedicated hosting vs shared hosting

Dedicated hosting means that your website will be the only website on a particular server while shared hosting is completely different as their tons if other websites too on a shared hosting. You have your own bandwidth, disk space etc in Dedicated hosting while you don’t own things in a shared hosting as you have both just a part of a server (not the complete server). This is why shared hostings are priced much cheaper than dedicated hostings.

Dedicated hosting has a very less chance of crashing because of DDoS attacks as it is very secure in front such attacks. 

Cloud hostings vs Dedicated hosting

Cloud hosting and Dedicated hosting are pretty much similar to each other. The only difference is price. Cloud hosting is a bit expensive than dedicated hosting but the price is almost the same. 

The speed of both these hostings are almost same but the Cloud hosting is comparatively fast. All other features like security, customer support are similar in both of these hostings.


After reading this article, you can now find the best hosting which is suitable in your case. Just study about your requirement and then find the best hosting fulfil your requirement. 

Once you find suitable hosting for you then purchase it along with domain and start your website journey.

This was our comparison between Cloud hosting, shared hosting and dedicated hosting. You can subscribe to our newsletter for more Tech Brewed content.


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