SiteGround Vs Wix 2020: Which Is Best For WordPress?

Can we really compare SiteGround Vs Wix? SiteGround offers web hosting space when Wix is a website builder. Well, if our purpose is to create a fast loading website then we must compare them. Here is a quick comparison between these 2 platforms. Although SiteGround offers a website builder, but they are mostly popular for their hosting.

siteground vs wix

SiteGround Vs Wix Comparison

Before compare the features of SiteGround and Wix, let's list out their pros & cons and put them against each other so that you can easily find which platform is good to create a website.

SiteGround Pros Cons


  • Free daily automatic backups & restore
  • Server side cache system to better speed
  • #1 Hosting in many Facebook polls
  • Managed WordPress hosting on all plans
  • Latest speed technologies (SSD, HTTP/2, PHP7, NGINX + more)
  • Free SSL certificate & CloudFlare CDN
  • 40 GB disk space on GoGeek plan
  • 40% faster performance
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Limited data storage for basic plan
  • Strict data over-usage policy
  • Renewal price is very high

Wix Pros Cons


  • Website speed is good as they use Wix servers
  • Create website using a lot of ready to use templates
  • Extend your site features with Wix App Market
  • Tons of extra features
  • You can easily market your Wix website using their existing platforms.
  • Wix support is very good. besides that a lot of free tutorials.
  • Good for small business owners who want to create few page website to get their business online.


  • It's a website builder, less customization option
  • Pricing is very high
  • You can't optimize your website for best speed.

Which Is Best: SiteGround Or Wix?

Although Wix is a free service, still, users can improve their websites by subscribing to Wix’s premium plans, one of which is devoted exclusively to eCommerce providers. But on the other hand, SiteGround offers a couple of amazing web hosting plans. Their hosting plans come with a lot of features like free backup, free website migration, free SSL certificate, and many more. So, pick the right one among Wix or SiteGround.

SiteGround Vs Wix: Features, Price, Support, Security, Reviews

Now let's how exactly both SiteGround and Wix are compared when we review their different features, pricing, support and online reviews. There are various factors in which SiteGround is good and on some other way Wix is best. You have to find out what is your exact need and accordingly pick the best between SiteGround Vs Wix.





Provides High Speed

As Wix use their own servers so generally, they provide high speed


99.99% – 100%


Founded in



Unlimited Data Storage

No (Max 40 GB for GoGeek plan)


Unlimited Emails



Host Multiple Domains

Yes (GrowBig Plan Onward)


Server locations

SiteGround has 6 server locations

Their servers are located in Tel Aviv, Sao Paulo, New York City, and Vilnius

Site migration

This feature is included within the basic plan as FREE

Wix does not offer this feature.

Free domain

SiteGround does not offer a free domain name

In Wix, a user will get free domain names, but only with its premium plans


SiteGround provides High Security. Free daily backup from GrowBig plan onward.

All the Wix websites are hosted on Wix servers so they provide high security all the time


SiteGround offers 24 hours support via phone, email (ticket) and live chat.

Wix does not offer 24/7 live-chat support neither did they have an email response system. A user can only seek help through a phone call


$6.99/month (After 53% discount)



SiteGround’s performance is very impressive, and moreover, SiteGround also comes with a lot of hosting features and responsive support. However, the only drawback of the Siteground is that they are a bit expensive.

Generally, Wix promises 100% convenience with built-in tools for DIY website owners, however, they have a few drawbacks for professional developers.


Is SiteGround Better Than WIX?

From this comparison you have clearly noticed that both are doing good as per individuals requirement. Now as a WordPress blogger, if you are not able to decide which is best among SiteGround or Wix, let me tell you that SiteGround is the best WordPress hosting compared to Wix. And here are few of the reasons that supports SiteGround as Best WordPress hosting service in 2020.

Reason 1: Price

SiteGround is cheaper than Wix as the basic price of SiteGround is $6.99/month, whereas the basic price of Wix is $10/month. As a beginner, you can easily find SiteGround cheaper compared to Wix. But you can start with SiteGround GrowBig plan at $5.95/mo with a 70% discount. This is also even cheaper compared to Wix pricing.

Reason 2: Live chat support

In Wix, a user will not get live chat support if they require help regarding any issue, while in SiteGround every user will get 24 hrs live chat support. And with their higher plans you can enjoy priority support and fix any of your issues anytime. Moreover, Wix also does not offer a 24/7 email response system.

Reason 3: Website Transfer

If you already have a website on WordPress then you will find it very difficult to transfer that website to Wix. But with SiteGround, you can avail their free website transfer plugin and easily transfer your website. SiteGround WordPress hosting plans are specially designed to host WordPress website with high speed and security.

Reason 4: Optimize for better Speed

As Wix is a website builder, you will not find much scope to optimize the server sides resources and get the best speed. But with SiteGround hosting, you will get many amazing speed optimization features and you can load your website even faster compared to Wix.

Why SiteGround Is Best Blog Hosting?

I have collected many pieces of evidence from different Facebook groups where people voted SiteGround as the #1 web hosting service for WordPress. Here are a few of the links of these groups and also the screenshots of Facebook polls.

These are the Facebook Poll screenshots. It is clear that SiteGround is very popular among bloggers & internet marketers.

siteground facebook poll review 19
siteground facebook poll review 17
siteground facebook poll review 15
siteground facebook poll review 13
siteground facebook poll review 11
siteground facebook poll review 9
siteground facebook poll review 7
siteground facebook poll review 5
siteground facebook poll review 3
siteground facebook poll review 4
siteground facebook poll review 18
siteground facebook poll review 16
siteground facebook poll review 14
siteground facebook poll review 12
siteground facebook poll review 10
siteground facebook poll review 8
siteground facebook poll review 6
siteground facebook poll review 2
siteground facebook poll review 1

Some more Facebook proofs for SiteGround WordPress Hosting.

siteground vs bluehost

SiteGround Support Review on Twitter

I found lots of discussion about SiteGround WordPress hosting on Twitter as well. Here I am attaching some of the proofs about SiteGround Twitter reviews. Thanks to Tom Dupuis for collecting these awesome social proofs of SiteGround hosting.

siteground twitter4
siteground twitter2
siteground twitter3
siteground twitter1

Recommended For WordPress Blog in 2020?

SiteGround is the #3 Recommended WordPress hosting provider. You can check this list here are easily understand why SiteGround is far better compared to Bluehost & Dreamhost. Check this

If you are not aware, Trustpilot is a website where people share their genuine reviews after using any website of their services. And when you visit their website and search for SiteGround, you will find something like this.


You can say that the majority of them are paid but do you really think that 2500+ reviews are fake? I don’t believe so. As if you promote something by spending money, it will work in the short term.

siteground review syed balkhi

There are many more proofs available on social media and other online review platforms which is clearly stating that SiteGround is the best web hosting for WordPress websites. Let’s check out a few more screenshots to support this statement

siteground review hostadvice 2
siteground review hostadvice
siteground review hostadvice3
siteground reviews

SiteGround Vs. Wix: Which Is Best?

“We tested SiteGround & Wix — The winner is SiteGround!”

Finally after this detailed comparison between SiteGround Vs Wix, one thing is clear that if you are creating a website on WordPress, then SiteGround is the best choice. You can do a lot of customization, get much server resources and more control. But Wix is a website design platform, which is best suited for people with less technical knowledge, don't like customization options. If you need a small website with few pages then you can prefer to opt for Wix and create a website very fast using the ready to use templates.

But again, pricing wise Wix is very costly and you will not even get any initial discount. When SiteGround plans are very cheap and they offer 70% discount. Although their renewal charges are quite high, so it's good to buy SiteGround for at least 3 years using the SiteGround discount offer.


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Best WordPress Hosting For Bloggers

Key Highlights

  • Recommended By
  • Free SSL Certificate, Free Website Transfer
  • Fast Loading SSD Servers, latest PHP 7.3
  • Free Daily Backup, FREE Cloudflare CDN 
  • Excellent Support with Expert Team
  • 99.99% Up-time, High Security