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Are you confused with the SiteGround Hosting plans and not able to decide which SiteGround plan is best for your blog? Then you are at the right place as I will help you to pick the Best SiteGround Pricing comparing all 3 SiteGround Plans: StartUp Vs GrowBig Vs GoGeek.

As a beginner, when you decide to start a blog on WordPress you are looking for the best WordPress hosting. To make your life easy, we have shared many tutorials with lots of proof about SiteGround hosting. So, as you have decided to buy SiteGround hosting, you must know that which SiteGround plan will best be suited for your blog in 2020.

which siteground plan is best

SiteGround Hosting Plans Explained

Here we are not talking about SiteGround Cloud hosting or other plans, rather I am talking about WordPress hosting or shared hosting plans. SiteGround WordPress hosting plans are very cheap and they have limitations as per the resource usage.

As a beginner, it is always difficult to choose a good hosting plan. But in this detailed guide, I will help you to pick the best SiteGround plan to start blogging in 2020.

As soon as your visit SiteGround WordPress hosting page, you will find 3 different plans.

  • SiteGround StartUp Plan
  • SiteGround GrowBig Plan
  • SiteGround GoGeek Plan
siteground price comparison

SiteGround StartUp Vs GrowBig Vs GoGeek

So which is the best of SiteGround’s shared hosting plans for you? Here’s a quick summary of which SiteGround plan is right for which projects:

  • StartUp: This is the very basic SiteGround plan which is good for 1 website only. It has only 10GB space and traffic limits up to 10,000 visits per month. Although you will get all SiteGround SPEED features & daily backup, you will not get priority support with this plan.
  • GrowBig: This one is quite better compared to the StartUp plan. With just $2/mo extra price, you will get 20 GB space, 25,000 visits/mo traffic, and priority support.
  • GoGeek: If your website traffic is very high, then the GoGeek plan can handle up to 1 lakh visitors/mo. This plan has all the advanced features like staging to make sure to get the best speed for your WordPress site.

Which SiteGround Plan is Best?

Before coming to the conclusion about the best SiteGround Plan, let us explore every single SiteGround pricing plan. At the end of this guide, you must pick the best shared hosting package for your blog. It is not that easy, but if you understand each SiteGround plan properly and match your needs, it is going to be very easy indeed.

SiteGround StartUp Plan Pricing Review

SiteGround StartUp plan is the best-suited plan for beginners. This plan will come at an affordable price of $3.95/mo only. Although there is no monthly billing option, you have to buy for at least a 1-year plan. Even if this is the very basic plan, you can enjoy awesome Uptime of 99.99%, daily free backup, and fast SSD servers.

  • Number of Websites Hosted Only One
  • Storage Space 20 GB SSD Disk Space
  • Monthly Bandwidth Unmetered
  • Estimated Monthly Visitors ~10,000 Unique Visits
  • No. of Subdomains Unlimited
  • No. of Parked Domains Unlimited
  • MySQL Databases Unlimited
  • Free Installation of CMS Yes
  • cPanel & Softaculous Yes
  • Free Email Accounts Yes
  • SiteGround SuperCacher Only Level 1
  • Free Daily Automated Backups 30 Copies
  • Free Backups Restore No
  • Free Backup (On-Demand) No
  • Git (Pre-Installed) No
  • Staging Environment No
  • Free Shopping Cart Install Yes
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate Yes
  • PCI Compliance No
  • Free Website Transfer No

SiteGround GrowBig Plan Pricing Review

SiteGround GrowBig is a far better plan compared to the SiteGround StartUp plan. SiteGround GrowBig is the best SiteGround Plan with the cheapest price. GrowBig comes with 20 GB space, unlimited websites, free website transfer, 25,000 visits/mo traffic limit and priority support. This is not the end, just pay additional $2/mo from StartUp plan and enjoy below features.

  • Hosted Websites Unlimited
  • Web Space 20 GB SSD Disk Space
  • Monthly Bandwidth Unmetered
  • Estimated Monthly Visitors ~25,000 Unique Visits
  • Parked Domains/Subdomains Unlimited
  • MySQL Databases Unlimited
  • Free CMS Installation Yes
  • Free Email Accounts Yes
  • Enhanced cPanel + Softaculous Yes
  • SiteGround SuperCacher Level 3 (All The Levels)
  • Free Daily Automated Backups 30 Copies
  • Free Backup Restoration Yes
  • Free Backup On Demand No
  • Pre-Installed Git No
  • One-click Staging Yes
  • Free Shopping Cart Installation Yes
  • Free SSL Certificate Yes
  • PCI Compliant Servers No
  • Free Website Transfer Yes

SiteGround GoGeek Plan Pricing Review

SiteGround GoGeek plan is the best plan for high traffic websites. Yes, if your website traffic is more than 25,000 visits/mo to 1 lakh visits/mo then you must go for SiteGround GoGeek plan. This plan comes with amazing premium features like Staging, free eCommerce SSL installation, PCI compliance, and advanced-cache system so that your website can load faster and many more amazing features.

  • Websites Allowed To Host Unlimited
  • Web Space 30 GB SSD Disk Space
  • Monthly Bandwidth Unmetered
  • Estimated Monthly Visitors ~100,000 Unique Visits
  • MySQL Databases Unlimited
  • Subdomains & Parked Domains Unlimited
  • Free CMS Installation Yes
  • Free Email Accounts Yes
  • SG Enhanced cPanel Softaculous Yes
  • SiteGround SuperCacher All The 3 Levels
  • Free Automated Backups (Daily Basis) 30 Copies
  • Free 1-Click Backups Restore Yes
  • Free Backups (On-Demand) Yes
  • Git (Pre-Installed For Repository Creation) Yes
  • 1-Click Site Staging Environment Yes
  • Free Installation of Shopping Cart Yes
  • Free SSL Certificates Yes
  • Servers with PCI Compliance Yes
  • Free Professional Site Transfer Yes

Why SiteGround Is Best WordPress Hosting: 20+ Facebook Poll Results

I have collected many pieces of evidence from different Facebook groups where people voted SiteGround as the #1 web hosting service for WordPress. Here are a few of the links of these groups and also the screenshots of Facebook polls.

These are the Facebook Poll screenshots. It is clear that SiteGround is very popular among bloggers & internet marketers.

#1 Hosting in Many Facebook Polls

siteground facebook poll review 19
siteground facebook poll review 17
siteground facebook poll review 15
siteground facebook poll review 13
siteground facebook poll review 11
siteground facebook poll review 9
siteground facebook poll review 7
siteground facebook poll review 5
siteground facebook poll review 3
siteground facebook poll review 4
siteground facebook poll review 18
siteground facebook poll review 16
siteground facebook poll review 14
siteground facebook poll review 12
siteground facebook poll review 10
siteground facebook poll review 8
siteground facebook poll review 6
siteground facebook poll review 2
siteground facebook poll review 1

Some more Facebook proofs for SiteGround WordPress Hosting.

siteground vs bluehost

Best Hosting As Per Customer Support

I found lots of discussion about SiteGround WordPress hosting on Twitter as well. Here I am attaching some of the proofs about SiteGround Twitter reviews. Thanks to Tom Dupuis for collecting these awesome social proofs of SiteGround hosting.

siteground twitter4
siteground twitter2
siteground twitter3
siteground twitter1

Recommended For WordPress By Many Experts

If you are not aware, Trustpilot is a website where people share their genuine reviews after using any website of their services. And when you visit their website and search for SiteGround, you will find something like this.


You can say that the majority of them are paid but do you really think that 2500+ reviews are fake? I don’t believe so. As if you promote something by spending money, it will work in the short term.

siteground review syed balkhi

There are many more proofs available on social media and other online review platforms which is clearly stating that SiteGround is the best web hosting for WordPress websites. Let’s check out a few more screenshots to support this statement

siteground review hostadvice 2
siteground review hostadvice
siteground review hostadvice3
siteground reviews

Conclusion: Which Is The Best SiteGround Hosting Plan To Start A Blog in 2020?

So, which SiteGround hosting plan is best? Without any doubt, GrowBig is the best SiteGround plan as it is cheap considering for beginners with almost every necessary premium features like daily backup, free website transfer, priority support, 3 levels advanced-cache, etc. If pricing, not an issue and website has huge traffic then GoGeek is the best SiteGround Plan.

  • StartUp: While we love SiteGround hosting for WordPress, we find that StartUp is lacking in both the features and speed most need. Avoid StartUp.
  • GrowBig: For sites that don’t get a ton of traffic, GrowBig combines great value, features, and speed. GrowBig is the best fit for most sites.
  • GoGeek: For WordPress developers wanting advanced features, or getting more traffic than GrowBig supports (>25K visits/mo), GoGeek is fast, feature-rich, and geek-friendly. GoGeek is great but pricey, especially on renewal.

Although SiteGround offers huge discount for beginners, their renewal charges are quite high. So, it is good to buy SiteGround hosting for at least 3 years so that you can save a lot of money. 

Here is a small calculation

  • SiteGround StartUP plan @ $3.95/mo for 12 month = $47.4
  • If you buy for 36 months = $142.2

But if you buy SiteGround for 1 year only and renew next year, then you have to pay = $47.4 + ( $11.95 X 12 ) X 2 years = $334.2

So, you can see that you have to pay extra $334.2 - $142.2 = $192 savings, if you don't buy for 3 years initially. So, be smart and buy SiteGround for 3 years at least and save huge amount on SiteGround Renewal Price.


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Best WordPress Hosting For Bloggers

Key Highlights

  • Recommended By WordPress.org
  • Free SSL Certificate, Free Website Transfer
  • Fast Loading SSD Servers, latest PHP 7.3
  • Free Daily Backup, FREE Cloudflare CDN 
  • Excellent Support with Expert Team
  • 99.99% Up-time, High Security