In order to start a website, you need 2 important things- Domain and Hosting. The domain is the name of your website and hosting is the place for your website. 

Domains costs a small amount but hosting can be very expensive in some cases. There are type of web hostings- Shared hosting and WordPress hosting.

Shared hosting can be purchased for free or very low amount while WordPress hostings are comparatively expensive.

So which type of hosting should you go for? Well, if you were looking for the answer to this question then you are at the right place as Today, we will be comparing WordPress hosting with Shared hosting. Let’s start the comparison.

Differences between WordPress Hosting and Shared hosting

WordPress hostings are comparatively priced higher then shared hosting so it clearly means that WordPress hosting offers better features then Shared hosting. Let’s have a look on those better features deeply so that we can differentiate between both both them and find the best one.

Fast speed

There is no doubt that WordPress hosting offers faster speed. By faster speed, I mean to say that the booting time of the website once you visit the domain is faster than the booting time of shared hosting.

Not only the boot time but every time when you click on any option on the site or change the page, you will notice faster speed than the shared hosting. This is the first reason why a lot of people prefer getting WordPress hosting.

Technical Support

Now, this is the second most important thing which attract people to buy WordPress hosting instead of a shared hosting. 

With WordPress hosting, you get 24×7 customer support so if something goes wrong with your website then you can take the help of customer care and your problem will be fixed. You generally don’t get such reliable Technical support in a shared hosting because Hey you got it for free!

Enhanced Security

The security which you get on any WordPress based hosting is much better than the security which you get with shared hosting.

WordPress hostings are capable of saving your websites from cyber thread ( like DDoS attack) and other attacks. 

Automated Backups

WordPress Hostings automatically back ups all your data, articles, pictures that you upload on your website. It makes WordPress hosting future proof as it creates an album of your written articles which you can read later.

Shared hostings generally don’t provide you such capabilities. 

Better Scalability

WordPress hosting has the capability to handle a large amount of viewers on your website at the same. This feature makes WordPress hostings more attractive. In Shared hostings, your website may gets crashed if a large number of visitors visit their at the same time. This means that you use prefer Shared hostings as your lifetime hosting. As once your website gets popular, it can be crashed.

This was our comparison between WordPress hostings and shared hostings. You can subscribe to our newsletter more tech brewed content.

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